Physical Signs of Anxiety Attack

stress-in-the-workplaceStress in the workplace is common in most businesses and corporations and can be brought on in various forms from many of the day to day activities. Modern day pressures of getting the job done, together with competition amongst individuals in organizations means that most workers will feel some form of stress on a daily basis.

When you were a kid and maybe had an argument with your parents you could easily go outside and take it out on a nearby tree or fence post in the yard – however try the same thing in the office and you could be faced with a repair bill and probably a suspension. Thus instead you will tend to store these feelings up inside of you which leads to stress.

Physically this stress causes production of adrenaline in the body which in turn causes blood to flow towards the heart and muscles, digestion of food slows down and the heart rate increases. If this cycle is repeated too often then it can have long term negative effects on the body and this is why it can directly affect your health.

Thus avoiding stress in the workplace is essential for the well being of employees. Having a good plan in place for handling your work tasks is an essential way to start reducing causes of stress. People who are well organized tend to be subjected to less stress because they are prepared for many of the upcoming challenges or questions they face. If you have deadlines to meet then good personal organization is key.

If you are in a position to do so then delegate some of your workload to reduce pressure on yourself. Too often employees try to take on too much work themselves and end up getting bogged down as a result.

Exercise is also an excellent way of reversing some of the physical and mental effects of stress. Even if you don’t have time to get to the gym after work, try spending about half and hour to an hour walking in the fresh air to improve blood flow and improve the health of your heart.

If you are an employer then seek out ways to ensure your workers are not subjected to unneccesary stress in the workplace. Ensure there is an even balance of workloads and that managers are spreading the burden equally among their staff.